Legacy of taste & Purity, Since 1976

"If food ever be an offering to the gods, let it first nourish a child's body, heart, and soul."

With this sentiment and a steadfast commitment to our legacy of exquisite taste and purity since 1976, Sindhi Sweets brings you sweets and savories which are pure enough to be offered as the traditional prasad and delightful enough to be enjoyed as special treats for special occasions.

Every Sindhi Sweet box houses the whiffs of sweet surrenders infused with a delicate pouring forth of the juicy syrups so that every occasion, festivity, or feast can be enriched and brightened.

Bite into a tradition that is rooted in its four decades of unmatched quality, and a taste that surpasses our own best efforts. With one foot firmly planted in the nostalgia and subtleties of the Sindhi culinary traditions and another in the future of packaging and commerce, Sindhi Sweets has been able to provide the assurance and trust that its patrons demand in the present times.

Our Promise

The Sindhi Sweets promise to you is not just of nourishment and wholesome taste but that of sustained freshness.

The freshness which lets your fingers melt into the barfi when you pick it or the softness of the ladoos which offers a challenge to bring it to the mouth in one-piece. Or the mouthwatering mushiness of a gulab jamun that makes it hard for you to only have one.


We know the questions arising in your mind! And we have already figured out a way to ensure that we deliver this sensory explosion of happiness through our online delivery service!

Introducing the MAP or Modified Atmospheric Packaging which not only maintains sanitization and hygiene of our edibles but also ensures a much longer shelf life of our sweets and snacks than other technology. Incorporated in this technique is the practice of contactless packaging. This is where science and tradition meet and we have successfully used it to our advantage! 

So whether you're spending Diwali or Rakhi, Eid or Baisakhi away from your loved ones, you can still send your flavorsome and delectable wishes through the Sindhi Sweets website without the fear of sweets being stale or unsavory. 

We are available on the DOT Pe in TRICITY which will allow you to place an order for delivery directly from OUR website itself. This is our in-house food delivery service and is not affiliated to other popular mediators.

Our Timeless Legacy

Long ago, on the banks of river Indus, resided a community ahead of its time and culture. Among its many rich and fascinating ethos, cooking played a vital role. So much so that the Sindhi cuisine became universally famous and acknowledged as a style that catered to the sublime sense of taste. Sindhi cuisine had an ability to reveal to the human senses, a complete and enriching experience; one that could easily earn it the title of “food of the Gods!” 

And indeed it was nothing short of being the food of the gods! Jhulelal, the benevolent one, was the philosophical and cultural emblem of the region. His qualities of impartiality, wisdom, strength of character, and purity were an aspiration for his followers in every aspect of life; even in culinary routines. Jhulelal inspired and demanded such a resolute adherence to purity that the prasad offered to him was made of the highest quality rice, ghee, sugar, and flour. It was prepared with such expertise and vigilance that the preparation itself was considered a pious act.

The legends of Jhulelal and his divine adventures are still as vivid as the time we heard them from our great-grandfathers, especially the part about the prasad, which instilled in us a desire to taste it in its purest form! Thus, when our grandfather - Mr. C.L. Bajaj - founded Sindhi Sweets in 1939, he ventured forth with the memory of that delicious prasad, safe in his heart. With deliberate measures, he was able to carry on the honorable legacy that Sindhis are associated with even today; especially their dedication to the promise of delivering nourishing and soulful food.

And our brand, truly, has been the most fulfilling deliverance of that promise! Even after 4 decades of re-establishing and introducing the Sindhi cuisine in the city of Chandigarh, on 15th July 1976, we can claim, with more certainty than pride, that our grandfather had nothing to fear or doubt. Today, Sindhi Sweets is a symbol of both taste and purity. 46 years and, about 14 outlets later, Sindhi sweets have not only stood the test of time but also the test of love. We feel been blessed by the love shown by our patrons across Punjab, Jammu, and Haryana.

On The Plate

Our range of confections boasts of the taste rare to only homemade delicacies of a bygone time. We have brought back those recipes which were bequeathed from generations to generations because of their nourishing and healthful taste. In each of our culinary ensemble, we promise to revive the bursting goodness and mushy stirrings of those nostalgic tea-times, community celebrations, and wholesome kitchens with our soulful sweets and snacks made from the finest and the purest ingredients. Our sweets and snacks are an invitation to our patrons to transpose themselves to a time when food did not mean a recklessly put together concoction of ingredients but a carefully measured, consciously thought, and flawlessly created work of gustatory art. This time, we invite you to be part of another fabulous tale in the making, not in history this time but in your present – a tale of taste and purity; a tale of commitment to the highest standards of quality and finesse in cooking; a tale of Sindhi Sweets devotion to Jhulelal's pious blessings and guidance; a glorious tale where each piece of confection is a happy beginning. Go ahead, dig into it!

Our Stores

Monday - Sunday, 10am - 10pm

D7, Industrial Phase 1, Mohali, Punjab

S.C.O. 108-109, Sector - 17/C. Chandigarh - 160017. Tel -0172 5075222

S.C.O. 151-152, Sector - 8/C. Chandigarh - 160009. Tel -0172 4800828

S.C.O. 374, Sector - 32/D. Chandigarh - 160030. Tel -0172 4180463

S.C.O. 4, Sector - 11. Panchkula - 134109 . Tel -0172 4084604

Shop No. 1 A, Jaggi City Center. Ambala - 134003. Tel -99155 81397,8288812900

3rd Floor, Elante Mall. Chandigarh - 160030. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

403, Sector 37/D. Chandigarh - 160036. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

Cosmo Plaza Mall, Chandigarh - Ambala Highway. Zirakpur - 160055. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

S.C.O. 55, Phase 3B2. Mohali - 160059. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

S.C.O. 55, Phase 10, Sector - 64. Mohali - 160062. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

Departure Lounge, Chandigarh International Airport. Mohali - 160014. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313

Departure Lounge, Amritsar International Airport. Amritsar - 143001. Toll Free No.1800 3133 313